November 8, 2009


Can a man be HIV-positive and sexy? Does sex after AIDS even exist? You bet. I've been living with HIV/AIDS for more than two decades and I'm happy to report, I'm Still Sexual After All These Years.

Some might ask: You got AIDS from having sex; how can you still be interested in sex? My answer: I didn't get AIDS from having sex. I got AIDS from a virus, which I acquired during sex. That doesn't make sex or me bad. It makes me realize: you Must Be Smart About HIV!

Some might wonder: Do have sex with people who are disease-free? My answer: People who are HIV-negative can have safe sex with people who are HIV-positive and not transmit the virus. If the two people are man and woman, they can even have an HIV-negative baby. How sexy is that? Oh, and by the way, here's Why the Term “Disease-Free” Hurts My Feelings.