November 15, 2009

What Is Jock Crazy?

If the sight of a man's butt cheeks in a jockstrap sends your senses reeling, you may be Jock Crazy. If a well-worn, ripe, dirty jockstrap is all you want for your birthday from your buddy, you may definitely be Jock Crazy.

Other symptoms include: using your jockstrap as a JO rag at night, then working out in it the next day (then using it as an aromatic aphrodisiac that night); not washing your jock until absolutely necessary; constantly sniffing your jockstrap--or your buddy's or somebody else's jock--hoping to get a good whiff.

NOTE: The gateway "drug" to Jock Crazy: constantly sniffing your ripe, funky armpits--or your buddy's or somebody else's pits--hoping to get a good whiff.