October 27, 2011

October 25, 2011

It's a Jock Thing

Playing sports means always being around guys who stink, and guys who have Bodies by Sport (as opposed to body by gym membership).

Growing up, my world was populated with two kinds of men: those with Bodies by Sport, and everybody else.

It was a world where a man isn't a man unless he's drenched in sweat from a hard game of basketball, football or baseball.

Is it any wonder I was a jock crazy young jock?

Or am I just dreaming?

A man fall in love with me, regardless of my HIV status, because I'm such a great, complete, wonderful, loving, intelligent, amazing man, regardless of my HIV status?

I believe it's a love story waiting to happen. Or am I just dreaming?

October 24, 2011

Don't drop the soap!

Why are some hetero-identified guys so scared of being naked in the same space as men who admit to being cocksuckers and butt-fuckers? Or butt-fuckees?

Because they're scared they're gonna get raped by the butt-fuckers?

Because they're scared their raging hard-on's will be seized upon by the cocksuckers?

Is there space for all that sexual tension? Does there have to be sexual tension?

Find out why it's all in the head in Gay Guys in the Locker Room, now on my author blog.

October 16, 2011

I never said I didn't want pussy

Was I born straight or gay? No.

Now that I'm all grown up, I realize: I'm no longer a homo, just a guy who enjoys the company of men, who wants to bond with a special buddy, emotionally and physically, and who is open to but has yet to experience sex with women.

I never said I didn't want pussy!

So how did I end up calling myself gay? Journey back in time and see how I became homosexual.

October 15, 2011

Funky and Resolute

I will find true love with the man of my dreams.

I will find true love with the man of my dreams.

I will find true love with the man of my dreams.

I will find true love with the man of my dreams.

I will find true love with the man of my dreams. I hope.

October 4, 2011

Aids for Fear of AIDS

Does a disease-free lab result mean a disease-free mind?

Did you know an HIV-negative person can be intimate with an HIV-positive person and stay HIV-negative?

I don't let HIV/AIDS get in the way of me loving myself; why should you be any different?

See life from my point of view in the funky posts labeled Semper Poz.

And for more, check out my author blog and the posts labeled HIV-P.O.V..

October 3, 2011

Still Jock Crazy After All These Years

My ideal man is a man who doesn't feel gay or straight. A man who gets turned on by the idea of us having a three-way with a woman. A man who loves the smell of his jock. And mine!

It wasn't difficult getting hooked on the scent of a man and his jock. For most of my early life, the only kind of men I knew wore sweaty jocks.

Is it any wonder, after all these years, I'm still Jock Crazy?