February 28, 2010

Head to Toe

When not blogging about my "sexy" side, I like to blog about other things, like my four novels, my dog Boomer, President Barack Obama, my past life as a college cheerleader and my new sport, Trikking, among other things.

Like homos in sports. Or politics. Or culture. Or a whole lot of stuff that simply I don't file under "sexy me."

See for yourself, now and forever on my author blog, Randy Boyd's Blocks.

February 24, 2010

Imperfect Bodies, Perfect Match

I don't imagine me or my buddy ever had or will have so-called “perfect bodies.” More likely, we'll both have the bodies of men who have survived the jungle known as life, complete with physical manifestations of the ups and downs of a warrior's journey.

I know I got a gut! I also know how to wear it pretty well, thanks to a lifelong necessity. And now, thanks to Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model, I know how to “model” it better. Thank you, Tyra, it's not just the girls you're helping to learn to love themselves.

Yep, that's right. I love America's Next Top Model, Broadway musicals and soap operas. Yep, I got that in me. I also got sports and “masculinity” in me, but in a relationship, I'm the bitch! Emotionally, that is. And the buddy of my dreams is not only cool with my “feminine” and “masculine" sides, both sides compliment his energy. Let's him be the full-time man and vicarious bitch, and let's me be the vice versa.

Moreover, it's a turn-on for my buddy to see the man inside of me, and a turn-on for me to see my buddy's vice versa. Don't understand? If you're my buddy, you will.

Is my buddy out there? Can you hear me, buddy? Is anyone in this great big universe dreaming of being with a guy exactly like me? Are any of our friends dreaming of hooking us up so we can finally find our perfect match? Buddy, are you out there?

If you dream of loving a very lovable guy like me, email me and let's start living our fantastic lives together

February 23, 2010


I'm not a box, nor do I always fit inside one. Life is full of forms to fill out, boxes to check, categories to categorize a guy. But what about a guy who doesn't fit into all the categories and boxes?

Am I gay? I dream of eating out a woman's pussy. Am I a top or bottom? What if I like both top and bottom? Am I black or white? What about my light skin and the white man's DNA running through it? What about Native American blood inside me? What the fuck am I?

I'm a man who doesn't fit into a box. A man who doesn't think top or bottom. A man who's way more than one box at any given time. Any buddy wanna say it with me? Fuck the boxes!

February 20, 2010

AIDS Is What You Make It

I'm not mad at HIV-negative guys for being scared of becoming infected with HIV. But it is definitely frustrating and sometimes dispiriting to live in a world that's created a whole lexicon in an effort to avoid people like me.

Sometimes, it feels like a real-life horror movie. Neg People vs. The Poz People. Only the AIDS virus is not a horror movie, at least it doesn't have to be.

AIDS is what you make it. You can make AIDS a mysterious disease to fear and keep out of your life with signs like HIV-NEG. UB2.

Or you can make AIDS one of the many risks of having sex, and educate yourself on ways to minimize and reduce all risks with all people you have sex with.

Why? Because doing anything else is making too much out of AIDS, and not enough out of reality.

February 19, 2010

Somebody to Love Me and My HIV

I love my HIV-positive body. You can, too, regardless of your HIV status, and never acquire my virus.

HIV-negative people can have safe sex with HIV-positive people, so not having sex with someone because he or she is HIV-positive is a form of prejudice and discrimination. And ignorance.

I deserve to be with a man who's smart enough to know that I don't have to be a threat to his health and safety, a man who's educated about safe sex, or at the very least, open-minded enough to educate himself about the subject, not run away simply because a great guy like me is living with HIV/AIDS.

I love my HIV-positive and I deserve my deepest dreams come true.

February 18, 2010

Viral Campaign

The world is having a hard time imagining good thoughts when it comes to HIV/AIDS.

In the United States, young gay men are turning "poz" every day, while their peers create personal ads that warn: disease-free only.

HIV/AIDS is not all doom and gloom. In the twenty-five years since I was infected, I've experienced more joy and happiness than I ever imagined.

Now my goal is to fill the world with better images and dreams about those of us living with virus, past, present and future.

February 16, 2010

How I Became a Wordsmith

By age seven, I knew that words were very important. Moreover, I knew that words can mean the difference between life and death, so choose your words carefully.

See how an early childhood trauma taught me a valuable lesson and put me on the road to becoming a Man of My Words, now and forever on my funky little blog.

February 14, 2010

Why Not Me?

What's a nice guy like me doing on a funky blog like this? Why am I showing my sexy side on the net in hopes of finding a special buddy?

If there are plenty of fish in the sea, why can't I land a good catch? Better still, why hasn't a good catch hunted me down, reeled me in and gobbled me up?

The answers await in Why Am I Single?

February 12, 2010

The Big Dick Picture

Why do most personal ads seeking black men want those black men to be hung, dominate tops?

What else can a black man be? A normal guy with an average dick? A man who's neither dominate nor submissive? A man who doesn't care to discuss his penis size, no matter its length?

One time, a white female co-worker of mine asked me: is it true what they say about black men?

If I had asked about her vagina, would that have been sexual harassment? How about if I gave her a link to my funky post: How Big Is My Dick?

February 10, 2010

I Brake for Jocks

I am not gay, nor have I ever been gay. I repeat, gay does not = me.

I'm capable of having sex with a man or a woman, but I can only imagine being in love, soul to soul, with a man.

Why? Who's to truly say, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with being Jock Crazy!

February 9, 2010

Racism with a Little Kindness

Recently, I read an online personal ad that said: white and Latin guys only. Sorry, don't want to waste anybody's time.

This is what I call the generous racist. "I've prejudged all non-whites and Latins, sight unseen, to be unattractive and unworthy of my sexual and romantic energy, and I'm going to be generous about it by telling the world up front, so I don't waste any of you's non-white and Latino guys' time."

He may be a racist, but he's a magnanimous one!

WHITES AND LATINS ONLY, a photo essay using gay men's online language in images reminiscent of the segregated Old South, now on my author blog.

February 6, 2010

A Love Story Waiting to Happen

I dream of Hollywood making a romantic movie where an HIV-negative man falls in love with an HIV-positive man and the two live happily ever after, that is, of course, after all kinds of fun, romance and hilarious adventure!

It could happen, you know. Neg people falling for poz people and vice versa. All it takes is an HIV-negative man who's educated enough about HIV/AIDS to know he can have all the great sex he wants with a man who's HIV-positive and never acquire the virus.

Is Hollywood brave enough? Are there any HIV-negative men educated enough and compassionate enough to not see all HIV-positive men as dirty and disease-ridden (as opposed to disease-free)?

I do believe in miracles. I do believe in miracles.

February 3, 2010

Sexy Black?

Recently, when I went to a place where only real gay men roam, I knew better than to expect the other gay men there to evaluate me based on my looks, my personality, my talents, my sexiness. Heck, most of the men there didn't bother to look me in the eye, let alone see what I had to offer.

Why? Most gay men prefer WHITES AND LATINS ONLY, while Least Wanted: Black Gay Men.

Lucky for me, I knew this and was able to spend my time focusing on guys who hadn't prejudged me as not worthy of their attention, solely based on the color of my skin and their preconceived notions about race.

Oh, but these same gay men are not prejudice or racist, right? lol