October 30, 2008

Halloween on My Author Blog

Coming tomorrow on my author blog: a special Halloween Treat ...

Poz People Magazine named him the Scariest Man Alive.

AIDS News Tonight calls him, “One of the biggest actor slash moguls in Hollywood,” and adds, “his nickname should be 'AIDS, Inc.'”

Unfortune Magazine says, “the AIDS Monster Movies are a more popular throwback than the music group Abba among young homos worldwide.”

“The new craze in the gay world,” says Disease-Free Magazine, “has become 'clean-only,' bareback sex parties, complete with drugs, club music and monitors playing the classics from the old AIDS Monster Movie series.”

“With a muted soundtrack,” says Walking Corpse Weekly, “the party rages on, while on the monitors above, the AIDS Monster ravages the unsuspecting citizens of some small town in the middle of the night.”

“Men of all colors intermingle their hot sweaty bodies in a raw ritual of dance, sex and party favors that literally take them out of their minds,” says Spreading Virus Monthly, “while the screams of the victims of the AIDS Monster fall on deaf ears in the newest craze in young gay America: rerunning the classics of the once famous AIDS Monster Movie series from the old days.”

“Who knew a washed-up actor who once played a popular villain—then was left for dead—would revive his career, reinvent himself for the umpteenth time and build a media empire on the profits of a long-forgotten creature in the night?” says Infection Weekly.

“The great Count Randolpho de St. Mark Boyd has risen yet again,” says AIDS Forever Monthly. “The beady-eyed old black man has survived as his generation's worst nightmare to become the stuff of the next generation's worst nightmares, if only in their minds.”

And now ... you're invited to my author blog for a special Halloween treat.

Interview with the AIDS Monster

Randy Boyd goes one-on-one with the great Count Randolpho de St. Mark Boyd, the infamous star of the classic AIDS Monster Movie series.

Come to the Blocks for what promises to be a very special and frighteningly freaky Friday.

Interview with the AIDS Monster, this Halloween at Randy Boyd's Blocks (.com)

My Buddy's Body

I don't imagine me or my buddy having “perfect bodies,” whatever that means. So what's the alternative? Check out Imperfect Bodies, Perfect Match

Where the Balls Are

Any buddy wanna shoot hoops? Check out Buddy Ball

October 29, 2008

Back That Buddy Up

Blogging for a Buddy

Why am I blogging for a buddy? Check out Why a Bud Search?

Finger Lickin' Living

Yep, I dream of eating my buddy's butt as often as possible, and him doing the same to me. But what about our hearts, minds and other dreams? Check out My Buddy and Me: The Kind of Men We Are

Positively Ironic

October 28, 2008


He's been called the Scariest Man Alive. Now, he's coming to my author blog for a fright fest from your worst nightmares. Met him, if you dare, this Halloween on RandyBoydsBlocks.com

October 25, 2008

A Dawg and His Boy

Great Aping Around

I love knowing that humans are merely descendants of the great apes of long ago.
And that humans and great apes have more similarities than differences, especially when it comes to social behavior.
Best of all, get this, adult apes and adult humans have the same number of body hairs, roughly five million. And white people used to call black people monkeys. Surprise, honky, we're all monkeys! HA!

October 24, 2008

One to Live By

Halloween with the Scariest Man Alive

Coming this Halloween on my author blog: a Monster Bash straight outta your deepest fears and most frightening nightmares. Bound to leave you with chills, thrills and night sweats! Spend the night, if you dare, with the Scariest Man Alive, coming this Halloween to RandyBoydsBlocks.com

HIV-Positive and Sexual: What a Concept!

I've been living with HIV/AIDS for 23 years and counting, and I've learned that life doesn't end with a positive HIV test. Breathing continues, feelings continue, dreams continue. Life goes on and so does human sexuality. As long as I'm alive and have enough desire, guts and determination to keep going, I'm gonna be me, a man on a mission to live life to the fullest. That means great sex, too! Any buddy wanna share the adventure?

October 23, 2008

I Love Science!

Didn't pay science no mind while I was being educated. Same with math. My world existed on the other side of my brain, whichever one that makes a man wanna sing, dance, laugh, play, dream and make art.

Dr. Degler was one cool high school science teacher. He had a beatnik goatee and made Earth Science quite fascinating. Still, the subject didn't take. I had too many other mind-boggling mysteries to resolve inside my adolescent soul.

I escaped, er, graduated high school and college with very little math or science and nothing more than a passing appreciation for either. But oh, what a man can dream when he grows up, opens his mind and watches the Science Channel (and the History Channel and Discovery Channel, etc.).

One of humankind's greatest invention is the Science Channel. Between Hollywood-style animation and what science has learned in the age of technology, the shows are as breathtaking and wondrous as life itself. How the Earth Was Made. How Life Began. The Human Body. The Universe. The Planets. Cosmos. The hit list goes on and on! Far more entertaining and amazing than network television. It's like Dr. Degler's class meets a George Lucas film with easy-to-understand special effects that take you on the ride of your life, literally.

The only thing missing from my great science adventure is a buddy to share the popcorn and the wondrous ride.

Is my buddy out there somewhere in the universe tonight?

Funky Asset

I love being rimmed. The buddy of my dreams is someone who loves tasting butt as much as I do, someone who's passionate about loving my ass with his lips and tongue. We'll take turns, we'll 69, eating each other's butts, we'll journey into our own personal deep space time and again. Click here to read Tongues In Cheeks

But wait! More ass! Click here for Buddy Got Butt

Will my buddy and I only lick each other's asses? What about the endless supply of hot male buttocks the world over? Is one ass enough for an ass lover? Click here to read On Monogamy

What else do I like licking? Read Buddy, Lemme Smell Your Pits!

Do You Dare?

Halloween's gonna be frighteningly freaky on my author blog

October 22, 2008

Funky Baller

Waiting on a Buddy

More Dick?

And the nominees for Most Asked Question in my lifetime are ...
  • Do you play sports?
  • How big is it?
  • Are you clean?
  • You a top?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • What's your I.Q.?
And the award goes to ... How big is it!

Congrats to my black dick for receiving more attention than anything else in my lifetime! No brain, heart, feeling or emotion could stand up to your massive reputation. You didn't have to do much to be a dick, but America is obsessed with you anyway! Way to go! Who you gonna fuck next, since that's all a black dick was made for, right, to please the less fortunate who weren't born with their very own?

You go, dick, keep being a dick and the stuff of America's dreams. I love you, you big ole piece of meat!

Want more dick? Click here to read How Big Is My Dick?

October 21, 2008

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