November 21, 2009

Check Your Jock Crazy at the Door

The sports world is all about structure: rules, discipline, practice, repetition, drills, men working hard towards a common goal. The harder you work, the more of a man you are. The more of a hard working man you are, the more respect you gain among the other men around you.

That doesn't leave much room for sexual intimacy or crazy things like feelings. Sports is a man's world. Put your jock on and leave your erotic thoughts at the door. Forget about the fact that a good whiff of your own funky jock sends you on a heady trip.

Yeah, right. And married couples sleep in separate beds like Ricky and Lucy. And the homophobic dreams of an NFL coach don't do damage to the dreams of little boys.

Playing sports as a kid, I knew that I couldn't express or articulate the erotic feelings my body was feeling, but as I practiced hard, worked hard and played hard the athletic games of my early youth, I secretly knew that I was already becoming one Jock Crazy boy.