November 23, 2009

Why I Wasn't Born Gay (or Jock Crazy)

Personally, I don't think anybody is born gay or straight. We're just born. We're born with organs that have needs. The stomach needs food. The skin needs water. The sex organs need stimulation and in the case of men, ejaculation.

We're not born liking pizza over meatloaf. We're born needing nourishment.

We're not born preferring bottled water over tap water. We're born needing hydration.

We're not born liking pussy over dick, or dick over pussy. We're born with dicks and pussies and raging hormones that have the need to get off and often, like the Young Jock Offers Oral Sex for Magazine Subscription.

What humans don't pass on genetically is cultural tastes. How humans get their food, water and sex changes with the times, time and time again, through the millenniums.

What doesn't changed is the basic need for food, water and sex. How you end up fulfilling your basic needs, however, is based on your environment, including when you're born and where you're born.

I wasn't born Jock Crazy; it was my environment. I was born into a sports family, complete with legendary history and a father, uncles and brothers whose lives revolved around playing sports as a springboard for life.

I wasn't born gay, either, but I did come into this world with an imaginary basketball in my hands: my first step on the road to becoming Jock Crazy.