November 13, 2009

Is There a Cure for Jock Crazy?

Like the characters in my third novel, The Devil Inside, you could try reprogramming your brain at one of those “we'll make you straight” joints.

Think Exodus Ex-Jock Crazy Institute.

Some men have actually gone on to live very productive lives while resisting the temptation to be aroused by the scent of a man's manly, odoriferous remnants on a tatter piece of funky, sweaty cloth that was once all up and through his most private and odoriferous parts during extreme physical exertion.

It's true. Some ex-Jock Crazies have become immune to the aroma they have cherished for so long, the very smells that distinguish man from a woman: the ripe, funky pits, the strong, aromatic crotch, the sweaty ass, the raw scent of a man.

Some resist ... until a random whiff of wind tickles the nostrils with a hint of funk--the flavor of which sends your senses on a heady journey that rocks your world all over again.

Point: As long as men are male sexual dawgs, there is no cure for Jock Crazy.