April 26, 2011

Dream Dad

In another life, I'm the perfect dad.

I've got a few kids and they're being raised right, I tell ya. I'm strict, fair, consistent, hands-on and strict (enough to say it twice!).

Chores? You bet. Punishment? The kind that hurts: taking away what they value most.

Spanking? No way. My kids are gonna be civilized, studious, perfect!

When I was younger, I desperately wanted kids. Not that I did much about it. How does one dream of making kids while one is a socially and sexually retarded, misunderstood kid himself? With AIDS?

Now, nearing age 50, I'm not so retarded anymore, but it's pretty much too late for kids.

I think I would have a made a great father. I also think I would have learned to love the little boy inside me a little more, were I to raise a love a copy of me. Shame I'll never know.