April 16, 2011

Sexual Racism in the USA

When I ask gay men to explain their WHITES AND LATINS ONLY preferences, as stated in countless online profiles, I get the same responses white folk offered up fifty years ago while trying to promote their WHITES ONLY preferences for their schools, their rest rooms, their bus seats, their sons and daughters.

"Aw, man, nothing against blacks, don't get me wrong, just a preference. Some of my best friends are black."

But you've written them and all blacks off as possible objects of your affection, just as your parents did, just as your grandparents did, just as your great grandparents did, just as your great great great grandparents did (quite possibly while owning blacks and interbreeding with them).

Is it a coincidence that for you, too, it's NO BLACKS, NO ASIANS? It is really as simple as "just a preference?" A preference in ALL CAPS by countless gay men (of all races) in America in 2011?

Ask your black and Asian friends how they feel about your WHITES AND LATINS ONLY, NO BLACKS, NO ASIAN preferences.

Will you still have as many friends after you reveal your preferences? If the answer is no, consider yourself a racist in someone else's eyes, if not your own.