February 24, 2010

Imperfect Bodies, Perfect Match

I don't imagine me or my buddy ever had or will have so-called “perfect bodies.” More likely, we'll both have the bodies of men who have survived the jungle known as life, complete with physical manifestations of the ups and downs of a warrior's journey.

I know I got a gut! I also know how to wear it pretty well, thanks to a lifelong necessity. And now, thanks to Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model, I know how to “model” it better. Thank you, Tyra, it's not just the girls you're helping to learn to love themselves.

Yep, that's right. I love America's Next Top Model, Broadway musicals and soap operas. Yep, I got that in me. I also got sports and “masculinity” in me, but in a relationship, I'm the bitch! Emotionally, that is. And the buddy of my dreams is not only cool with my “feminine” and “masculine" sides, both sides compliment his energy. Let's him be the full-time man and vicarious bitch, and let's me be the vice versa.

Moreover, it's a turn-on for my buddy to see the man inside of me, and a turn-on for me to see my buddy's vice versa. Don't understand? If you're my buddy, you will.

Is my buddy out there? Can you hear me, buddy? Is anyone in this great big universe dreaming of being with a guy exactly like me? Are any of our friends dreaming of hooking us up so we can finally find our perfect match? Buddy, are you out there?

If you dream of loving a very lovable guy like me, email me and let's start living our fantastic lives together