February 20, 2010

AIDS Is What You Make It

I'm not mad at HIV-negative guys for being scared of becoming infected with HIV. But it is definitely frustrating and sometimes dispiriting to live in a world that's created a whole lexicon in an effort to avoid people like me.

Sometimes, it feels like a real-life horror movie. Neg People vs. The Poz People. Only the AIDS virus is not a horror movie, at least it doesn't have to be.

AIDS is what you make it. You can make AIDS a mysterious disease to fear and keep out of your life with signs like HIV-NEG. UB2.

Or you can make AIDS one of the many risks of having sex, and educate yourself on ways to minimize and reduce all risks with all people you have sex with.

Why? Because doing anything else is making too much out of AIDS, and not enough out of reality.