May 17, 2010

Is Sexy Disease-Free?

They don't own sexy. The "disease-free-UB2" crowd. In fact, they don't own anything but a narrow and thoughtless mind. And a narrow and thoughtless mind is not sexy.

Sexy is all in the head, and so is thinking you're smart by calling yourself "disease-free" and having all the unsafe sex you want with others, just because they also claim to be "clean" and "disease-free."

A truly smart HIV-negative man educates himself on safe sex, and practices risk reduction, same as when he drives a car, walks across the street or goes parachute jumping.

A truly smart HIV-negative man doesn't discriminate against people who are HIV-positive when it comes to sex, love and life, nor does he judge; and he definitely doesn't go around using such an insane, insensitive term like "disease-free."

An HIV-negative man who knows better than that? Now that's sexy.