May 8, 2010

Dream of a Sexy Black Man Living AIDS

When's the last time you heard someone say:

"I just need to find the right black man living with AIDS to settle down with."

"Let's go see this great thriller about a black detective living with AIDS who uncovers a plot to ..."

"Tonight on Deal or No Deal, a black man living with AIDS tries to outwit the banker!"

"This season on The Bachelor, will a black gay man living with AIDS find true love and the man of his dreams?"

"Coming to theaters Friday: the tender love story of an HIV-positive black man who meets a ..."

"Join the outrageous fun in this new, must-see-TV comedy about a black gay man living with AIDS and his ...."

"For more on this story, let's get the perspective of a black man who has been living with AIDS ..."

"This month's book club selection is a wonderful story about a black gay man living with AIDS whose remarkable story has ..."

" ... who, by the way, is living with AIDS in addition to all these other wonderful, great and inspiring things about this man, who, by the way, also happens to be black."

The world is having a hard time imagining someone like me being just like them. Lucky for me, they don't have to. I'm going to imagine it for them.