May 20, 2010

Is 'Neg Only' Sexy?

When a guy puts up a personal ad that says, NEG ONLY, here's what he's really saying:

My little mind is only capable of processing so many things in life, and one of them is, AIDS scares me. I don't much about HIV, but I sure do know I'm scared of it.

What's more, I'm only capable of protecting myself from HIV/AIDS by putting up a big sign in life that says, NEG ONLY, warning all those who aren't disease-free to stay away from me.

Never mind the fact people lie or don't even know their true status. Never mind the fact that I can have all the great safe sex in the world with a person, regardless of HIV status, and never, ever acquire the virus.

I'm still shutting those non-clean, non-disease-free, dirty, disease-ridden dudes out!

That's right! Either I am ignorant jerk, or I'm a thoughtless jerk. Call me what you want, but, NEG ONLY!