January 26, 2010

Must Be Exactly Like This!

You see it on Internet profiles: only into blacks; only into whites; must be 21-33; no one older than 40; sorry, not into fat guys, poz guys, fem guys, old guys, and on and on.

When I see those kinds of messages, the message is clear to me. It's like a person saying: I'm so close-minded, only (FILL IN THE BLANK) are attractive in my book. What's more, it's all about me and my feelings, so I'm just gonna tell the whole world: if you're not that type, back the fuck off! No blacks! No whites! No fats! No fems! No whatever! All you's peoples, don't even waste my time! I'm so narrow-minded, I don't even have time to reject all of you on an individual basis. I've got to put up signs to keep all y'all out. Got it? Now here's what I really need in my life ...

The message is clear indeed: anyone who puts up those kinds of barriers is probably not the one for me.