January 16, 2010

Black Man with HIV Worth a Look

For years I've created positive affirmations for myself, little slogans to keep me going, expressed on everything from notebooks to notepaper to, in recent times, a computer monitor in the form of my personal screen savers.

In a world that doesn't pause to consider the point of view of someone like me--black, homo, living with aids--I need all the help I can get reminding myself that I, too, am worthy of dreams come true.

It started out as plain, handwritten notes, as far back as high school. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. YOU CAN DO IT!

In my early forties, those little promos evolved into my screen saver affirmations. Those, too, started modestly, simple phrases over a simple background.

Now, in my late forties, I'm much more evolved, and so are my screen savers (see photo). In a world that rarely pauses to consider images of someone like me, I need all the help I can get affirming that I, too, am beautiful and worth looking at.