November 23, 2010

Target Marketing

Picture it: Somewhere on planet earth, a man sits in front of his computer, and just for shit and giggle, types words into a search engine that describe the kind of buddy he's looking for:

athletic, black, poz, study, muscular, mature, intelligent, brainy, smart, sexy, jock

Up pops me and my funky little blog.

And up rises our man's interest in what his search engine has come up with: athletic, black, poz, studly, smart, sexy me.

Now that's what I call target marketing!

This is me at my keyboard, typing into my funky blog things phrases like:

Black Muscle Seeks Blond Muscle.

Black poz muscle seeks muscle buddy.

Poz muscle seeks poz muscle in Los Angeles area.

Black muscle boy seeks Alpha muscle for LTR.

Black muscle man seeks while muscle man.

Black muscle man seeks muscle buddy, any race, as long as you're single, available and ready to love the buddy of your dreams!

Target marketing = whatever it takes to put my buddy in my arms and me in my buddy's arms.