August 16, 2010

Body of Evidence

August 1990: A funny thing happened after my 10-year high school reunion.

When the evening was over, I returned to my childhood home. Mom and I chatted about the reunion, then she noticed the unused film in my camera.

On the floor of the den, I began posing for my mom, making her laugh hysterically. Typical behavior for us, me making my mom laugh. I love making my mom laugh.

When I first saw the results of my impromptu photo shoot, I could barely look at them.

To me, the photos were awkward and simply more evidence that I wasn't one of the beautiful people, the ones living the good life, as seen on TV and in the movies.

Cut to me twenty years later, coming across those same photos and falling in love with the young man posing to make his mom laugh, looking so young and fresh.

I guess that means I can now see beauty in myself, where I couldn't see it in high school, then couldn't see it ten years later, at my 10-year high school reunion.

That impromptu photo shoot turned out to be the best part of reunion weekend, the bonding with my mother, the laughter, the images of myself I can now appreciate.

See the crazy outfit I wore to the reunion, plus more pics of the impromptu photo shoot in Acting Out at My High School Reunion, now on my author blog.