December 11, 2008

The Thinker Must Always Think

My father made sure I was a thinker. In my formative years, he himself was a thinker who constantly shared with my brother and me his thoughts and the thoughts of the world's greatest thinkers. All in the mind, my father would say about anything from a hunger for a chocolate candy bar to people's reaction to being tickled.

"We're conditioned as babies to react the way we react," he explained with a serious face, nonplussed by my tickle test. All in the mind. Didn't surprise me one bit that phrase ended up being a central theme of Walt Loves the Bearcat.

Maya Angelou once said on Oprah: "The thinker must always think." She's right.

I'm glad my father made sure I was a thinker. It's the second greatest gift he's ever given me.

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