December 2, 2008

Let's Fuck, I've Got AIDS!

No reason in the world an HIV-positive man can't be just as horny, sexual, romantic, lustful and a man like the rest of half of humanity. Did ya hear, world? People with AIDS can live long lives with lots of great sex! We can even have that great sex with you! It's a dream come true. AIDS is preventable for HIV-negative people who have sex with poz people. You don't have to discriminate against us anymore when you're trying to get your nut!

Amazing news, huh? I wonder if the rest of the world knows yet. I wonder if HIV-negative gay men realize they don't have to fear having sex with HIV-positive gay men, as long as they have safe sex. I wonder if HIV-negative gay men know what is and isn't safe sex? Has anybody thanked scientists for figuring this out? The least they deserve is blow jobs for life.

The least I deserve for being a guinea pig is a lifetime of great sex. So kiss me, I have AIDS. Fuck me, I'm poz. Suck my dick, I've been infected for 23 years. Lick my ass, I got AIDS, baby. Let's get married and make a child, I'm HIV-positive. Yep, we poz people can do that, too. Babies can come from us and you can cum on us. And not another soul on earth has to acquire HIV.

Miracles happen. What else did you expect from a universe that gave you a black president in your lifetime? Now let's fuck, I've got AIDS!