September 24, 2008

An Unquiet Life of Desperation

Been poz for 23 years. Thought I was gonna die a lotta those years. Almost did once. Now I got nothing to hide. In addition to being poz and a stud ... lol ... I'm an author and a pretty good all around dude. I like sports, exercising at the beach, shooting hoops, science and tech stuff, and a whole lotta other things.

If you think you can fall in love with a man like me, get the fuck in touch! LOL

Note: Ain't got anywhere near a perfect body by today's standards. The pics are me. The one in this post was taken today, as a matter of fact. I was playing around with the camera. Oh, yeah, I like photography, and I like to make fun with the camera, modeling jock gear and whatever else comes to my twisted mind. I like to see all the ways I can come off on camera, even though deep down I'm just a sad and lonely little boy and a sad and lonely man trying to have fun. And maybe find a buddy so I won't be so sad and lonely anymore.

I keep thinking to myself: there's gotta be at least one other man on this planet who's perfect for me and I'm perfect for him. And since my everyday world is not a world full of men who even consider looking my way, I figure I'll blog my way through this journey, put myself out there, have some fun with it and make it worth my while. Otherwise, it's a quiet life of desperation.