September 28, 2008

Dream Hangout

I dream of a place where my buddy and I and our good friends can hang out and play like boys. A place with an outdoor area for shooting hoops, tossing the football, wrestling in the mud, grillin' on the deck, drinking beer and shooting the shit about life. A place with an indoor area for lounging, video games, foosball, pool, poker, a bar and big screen entertainment.

I dream of place for buddies to unite. A place where a man's scents—his funky pits, his sweaty crotch, his ripe ass—are all a good thing because that's how men smell. A place where sex on the brain is a good thing because that's how men think. A place where buddies can be buddies like only men can. A place where men can act like ... men. That's my dream hangout for me and my buddy and our buds. Any buddies wanna share my dream?