August 6, 2008

Tongues In Cheeks

I am what I am, and what I am is a man who loves to eat ass. Burying my face between a man's butt cheeks and exploring the private, intimate world within is pure heaven to me. If I couldn't eat a man's ass, I wouldn't be “gay.” Because I love to eat men's asses, the rest of my journey follows. I can live without many things in life, but oxygen and rimming are not among them. It's something I've known most of my life, and for me, it's a very beautiful thing.

Any potential mate of mine is gonna love having his butt kissed, licked, caressed, massaged, inhaled and eaten for hours by these lips, this tongue. I love to rim. Can't get enough butt, butt cheeks, butt crack, butt hole, butt everything. Thank you, dear human ape who invented salad tossing. It's this funky black poz jock's favorite way to show love and share love.

At the same time, I love being rimmed. The buddy of my dreams is someone who loves tasting butt as much as I do, someone who's just as passionate about loving my ass with his lips, his tongue. We'll take turns, we'll 69, eating each other's butts, we'll journey into our own personal deep space time and again.

Rimming and being rimmed will be a joyful passion my buddy and I enjoy with our minds, bodies and souls. Buddy, are you out there? I need to get a good lick, er, look at ya!