August 21, 2008

Learning to Love Me

They've called me fag my whole life long. They still do. They call me worthless without noticing or bothering to care. They've called me nigger to my face, and “who knows what else” behind my back.

They see me and think: black fag with AIDS, and it's not all that shocking in their minds because that's what happens to fags, right?

So here I stand, a nigger faggot with AIDS in a world that has very few positive dreams for me and my kind.

But I don't care so much anymore. I care more about my own dreams. I care more about loving myself than somebody else liking me. I care more about being comfortable with me than another human's opinion of me.

Walk in my shoes; you'll find a man who's learning to accept himself despite the many ways the world tells him: we don't care about you nigger faggots with AIDS. Walk in my shoes and you'll find a man learning to love me.