June 16, 2010

How I Became Me

The AIDS virus first entered my body when I was age 23. Go back in time and find out How I Became HIV-Positive.

Yep, I was active in college athletics. See how one fateful day in childhood became the key to How I Became a Male Cheerleader.

Am I really gay? Or just pussy-challenged? Here now, my theory as to How I Became Homosexual.

I got communication skillz like President Obama. When I speak, white people ooh and ahh over articulate I am. Seems like what they really want to know is, How I Became Educated.

I love expressing my shit on a digital blog. I love writing, period. And storytelling. And entertaining. And the spotlight. hehe. It's my childhood, I tell ya. Surviving my childhood and my youth is How I Became a Writer.