March 8, 2009

Making Peace with Niggers

How many more honky faggots I got to hear tell me: I'm only into white guys, nothing personal, just a preference? Shit, it's like I'm living in 1930s Georgia or something. And why does this shit go completely unchecked and unchallenged by Gay America? Well, let me serve notice to all the fags in this country (again): your racist sexual "preferences" are very offensive and thoughtless.

Are you fucking serious? You really think your WHITES AND LATINS ONLY preferences are of your own free will? You really think it has zilch to do with you growing up in a country that forced Africans to become slaves and called them niggers, then waged war over slavery, then waged a political war of segregation that was legally sanctioned until forty some odd years ago?

What else do you believe in? Santa Claus? That you can do meth and not become strung out? That you can have unsafe sex and not get infected with something?

Pull your head out of your ass, then let a nigger stick his dick in there. You'll never hate on niggers again as long as you live. Or is that what you're really afraid of? Guess what? That's nothing but a lie, too, just like all your preconceived notions about a certain shade of humans.

Wise up before it's too late and you've lived a whole life not being fully enriched by a whole population just because you had a small mind. Open up that mind.

Ask yourself: self, why do I feel this way? What is it about all black people that makes me discount each and every single one of them for any kind of sexual or romantic intimacy? Where did I get that from? Are my parents like that? Who first told me about black people? What did they say? Am I basing my feelings on one experience? How was I first exposed to black people? Is that impression true of all black people?

Think. Where did you get your racist ideas? Why do you still hold onto them?

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