February 2, 2009

AIDS Monster Mash

Get hip to the fastest growing trend in sexual America, the Return of the AIDS Monsters.

Meet the great Count Randolpho de St. Mark Boyd, the infamous star of the classic AIDS Monster Movie series, in an exclusive Interview with the AIDS Monster.

Hitch a ride a buckle up for a most dangerous and daring journey through the Count's horrifying, insidious career. Relive his most frightening horror classics, from Dawn of the Disease-Ridden, to AIDS Summer Camp Revenge. From AIDS = EVIL to Toxic DJ Mix Master.

And don't forget the outrageous musical comedy Take My HIV, Please! And who could forget the heartbreaking Bridge of AIDS Monster and the timeless Teenagers from the Land of Poz?

It's all part of the fun and fear that is AIDS, so come along, if you dare, for the AIDS Monster Movie Marathon, a blog story told backwards in a car driving forward, now and forever on my author blog, Randy Boyd's Blocks.