June 19, 2008

Charged Up: To Be or Not To Be HIV-Positive

Will my buddy be HIV-negative or HIV-positive?

Hard to say, since I haven't met his ass yet. Or even know if he exists in the world beyond my dreams. But I do know this about my buddy: regardless of his HIV status, my buddy will accept my HIV status. My buddy will realize that I am much more than a medical term. My buddy will realize my having HIV is no judgment on me or my life, merely a fact we both accept and deal with, a fact that makes me and my journey all the more amazing and worth knowing. My buddy will also recognize the following truths:

If you're having SAFE SEX with everyone, it doesn't matter if your sex partner is HIV-negative or HIV-positive.

If you're having UNSAFE SEX with anyone, regardless of HIV status, you're not taking responsibility for your own health.

My buddy will be smart enough to know better, just one of the ways I'll know I've found a truly great man.

Is there a truly great man out there dreaming of being my buddy?