September 24, 2010

The Most Beautiful Man I've Ever Loved

What makes me so special that a man would want to fall in love with me, a man living with HIV/AIDS?

My courage. It takes a special strength to be able to look someone in the eyes and say, "I've been living with the virus for 25 years and counting."

My zest for life. I never give up. There's always a way to dream a better dream, to make something from nothing, to reinvent yourself. I've spent the last 25 years finding new ways to love myself and new reasons to live, thanks to my zest for life.

My beauty. As a child, no one ever told me I was pretty. Thus, it's often hard for me to see myself as handsome or beautiful in other people's eyes. Still, I dream of that special man gazing at me and thinking, between his looks, his courage and his zest for life, he's the most beautiful man I've ever loved.