July 12, 2008

Buddy, Lemme Smell Your Pits!

Whoa! Those are some ripe pits! Lemme get another whiff. Fuck, man, that's what you call funky. Now get a whiff of what my pits are cooking up in this summer heat.

Whew! Buddy, you are one funky ... ripe ... buddy. Come here, lemme smell that again ...

In my dreams, my buddy and me take pride in our pits and the scents that make us men.

Deodorant? Maybe once a decade. Cologne? Ha!

Yeah, me and my buddy wear cologne alright: Ode de Buddy, the scent that sends us both on a natural high. It's guaranteed to drive us wild and bring out the animal in each other. One whiff of Ode de Buddy and I'm reminded of all the things that make my buddy who he is.

No need for artificial scents. All me and my buddy need is any one of the many varieties of Ode de Buddy.

Buddy, can you smell what these pits are cooking up?