March 14, 2010

Defensive Man Walking

If you're neg, you must be educated enough to know that you can have safe sex with a hot poz stud like me. Otherwise, you're a dumbass and I don't want nuttin' to do with ya. lol.

That's what I said in an email to a guy I was interested in. He wrote back and said: I'm educated. Why be so negative. Now I'm turned off.

To which I wrote: My apologies. No excuse but attribute it to my sensitivity to so many negative messages about "disease-free" dudes on the net. It hurts, it really really hurts, and yes, I get defensive. Sorry.

I never heard back, but it didn't matter. He may or may not have been educated, but he certainly wasn't sensitive.

I challenge anyone to live with HIV/AIDS for 25 years and not show their humanity when dealing with the "disease-free" world. If I weren't sensitive about the world's reaction to people with the virus, I'd be out of my bleeping mind.

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